Meet Nestor



Boxing Trainer

Nestor is a technical instructor who brings over 20 years of boxing experience and boxing knowledge to Undisputed Downtown. Nestor is currently one of our head boxing instructors and has also trained a number of Professional Boxers, UFC, Strikeforce, and Bellator competitors. Some of the professional talent Nestor has recently worked with includes: Herman Terrado (13-3-1) and Nick Barnes (9-0). His passion for boxing shows in his emphasis on proper technique, timing, and perfect execution. His dedication to the sport of boxing and to his fighters is evident, as you will always find him coaching, training, or sparring day in and day out.

In Nestor’s class, you will learn the skills and methods behind the science of boxing. You will build your cardiovascular endurance as well as learn various punching combinations and movements. Whether it’s with his pros, amateurs, or with the countless beginners, Nestor is one of the most involved trainers at Undisputed Downtown.

Nestor is available for personal training.

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