Meet Janice

Janice Jordan

Janice Jordan

Combat Conditioning

Meet our newest Combat Conditioning coach! We've added four classes a week becsause Janice has a huge following ahd her classes are immensely popular. She will be teaching and kicking ass as our Combat Conditioning Coach at 8:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

Janice is also the trainer for the UND1SPUTED Ones, San Diego's Premiere Fight Gym Soccer Team and the head combat conditioning coach. She is also the co-founder of Ferdinand's Familia a nonprofit organization dedicated to the placement of injured, abandoned and homeless animals. A native Californian and a long-time San Diego resident, Janice was raised in a Zen Buddhist and advocates a life of balance and wellness.

Janice has played team sports including soccer and trained for individual competition events such as karate, track and field (low hurdles), handball, and wrestling. Janice has trained in contact sports since 1997 beginning with wrestling at San Diego State University. She was the only female freestyle wrestler for San Diego State's Wrestling Club in the late 90's competing in State and National Championships. After graduating with two Bachelor degrees from San Diego State University, Janice moved to boxing, Muay Thai and grappling while attending graduate school.

Janice has trained with some of the best boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and MMA coaches in California including Brodie Farber, Kru Mark, Tony Bazooka DeLuca, David "The Ghost" Venture, Jerry Matsumoto and Jon War Machine Koppenhaver. If you are looking to up your game as an athlete or personally progress in physical fitness, come to Janice's Combat Conditioning Class and she will help you meet your Mind, Body, and Spirit goals!

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