Meet Herman



Head MMA Trainer

Herman has 12 years of MMA and Jiu-Jitsu experience and is currently an active professional MMA fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor. He has trained all over the world including Japan, Guam, Brazil, the Philippians, California, Texas and Las Vegas under multiple elite competitors. A Bellator fighter and Strikeforce veteran, he has trained with the best in the world. Since 2007, Herman has brought his wealth of knowledge and experience to Undisputed Downtown.

Herman’s classes are great as a hobby or for a killer workout. If you find yourself feeling passionate about fighting Herman can take you to the next level to ammeter or pro. Herman is unique when it comes to his style of training. He is active with his fighters; he spars one-on-one, something not many trainers out there will do.

Herman has produced 5 pro champions and 3 amateur champs and continues to build fighters.

Herman’s overall professional record is 14-3-1.

Herman started Gamebred clothing apparel, which represents respect, loyalty and honor. It embodies the will to never quit and keep fighting until the last breath. Check out the brand at

MMA Credentials (with 10 finishes in the first round):
Cage of Fire Welterweight Champ
Gladiator Challenge Welterweight Champ
Desert Rage Welterweight Champ

2007 Grapplers Quest Gold Medalist Nogi
2007 Operation Grapple Gold Medalist Nogi
2008 Naga Gold Medalist Gi and Nogi
2008 Grappling X Gold Medalist Nogi
2009 Grapplers Quest Gi and Nogi Gold Medalist
2009 Grappling X Gi and Nogi Gold Medalist
2010 IBJJF National Gold Medadist Nogi
2010 Grappling X Gold Medalist
2010 IBJJF World’s Sivler Medalist
2011 Naga Gold Medalist Gi and Nogi
2011 IBJJF National’s Bronze Medalist
2011 Abudabi Pro Gold Medalist Nogi
2012 Naga Gold Medalist Gi and Nogi
2013 Jiu-Jitsu by the Sea Gold Medalist Gi and Nogi
2014 Naga Gold Medalist Gi and Nogi
2014 Naga Absolute Nogi Gold Medalist
2014 Dream Submission Only Gold Medalist
2014 NABJJF Worlds Gold Medalist GI and Nogi
2014 NABJJF All Americans Gi Gold Medalist
2015 BJJ Championship Super Fight Champion

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