Undisputed Downtown Flood Documentary Posted on YouTube


Undisputed Downtown Releases a Documentary

'The Flood and The Aftermath'

On July 18th, Tropical Storm Dolores hit Southern California with a vengeance. Hundreds of bolts of lightening, erie cracks of thunder and sheets of rain blasted through San Diego mid-day, causing massive damage in Downtown San Diego and throughout the county. Unfortunately, Undisputed Downtown was one of the victims of Dolores.

This documentary shows the flood damage just after the eye of the storm passed. It then shows the destruction, the aftermath, the demolition of the MMA cage, and finally, the newly remodeled gym. In this brief (and quirky) 6 minute documentary, you can see our members coming together to help with the demolition and clean-up.

Director Heidi Tweedt (myself) wanted to be sure Undisputed Downtown's members knew how bad the damage was and how much our staff and coaches appreciate the members' willingness to help. We also wanted to make sure our members knew how grateful we were for their patience and understanding during the ten-day closure, clean-up and rebuild.

Thank you again to our members and we hope you're enjoying the newly remodeled gym!

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