P.O.D. Music Video Shoot at Undisputed Downtown

P.O.D. Music Video Shoot at Undisputed Downtown

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rock band P.O.D., arguably one of the most well-known rock bands out of San Diego, shot scenes at Undisputed Downtown for their music video this morning.

Back in 2012, Undisputed Downtown was the location of choice for their video 'Higher.' Apparently the band (and current director Gavin of Tall Grass Pictures) loved the boxing theme and location so much, they decided to return to Undisputed Downtown for their upcoming hit.

Once approached about the video we were on board immediately. We recruited our Pro boxer Jorge "Tito" Ruiz because of his camera ready looks as well as our coach (and his coach) Jose Cital to corner him for the shoot. When the crew arrived in the morning, our Pro boxer Giovani Santillan was training with his dad "Memo." The crew immediately began shooting Giovanni for extra footage. They kept shooting him as he hit the bags with force over and over. The crew liked Gio so much, he and his Dad signed a waiver and became a part of the shoot as well.

Jorge and Giovani became the center of attention. The actor, "the other boxer," who came down from L.A. for the shoot, was cornered by our coach Nestor for the video. The actor had various scenes throughout the shoot, of course, but it was clear who the real boxers were. Jorge and Giovani both ended up fighting each other in the ring for the main fight of the photo shoot.

A HUGE THANK YOU to both Jorge and Giovani (and Jose Cital and Nestor) for donating hours of their time for the shoot. It was highly entertaining to watch the two Pros "fake" hit each other for a while. I could tell it was harder for the Pros to fake hit rather than hit for real. But in the end, it was totally worth it. We all had such a fun time.

And of course, another BIG THANK YOU to the crew at Tallgrass Pictures, our neighbors in the East Village. We can't wait to see which clips they use and how the video turns out. When it's released, you can bet I will be posting a link to the video here on our site.

Check out more photos from the shoot on Instagram and Facebook.

Giovanni throwing a punch to Tito, by request of the Director Gavin, for a scene the P.O.D. music video shoot.

Giovanni throwing a punch to Tito, per request of Director Gavin, for a scene the P.O.D. music video shoot.

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