Gladiator Challenge Results: 2-0 !!!

Gladiator Challenge Results: 2-0!!!

Congrats to Nick and Herman for Two Big Wins

Both Nick Alexander and Herman Terrado had two very exciting wins last Saturday night at the Gladiator Challenge at Sycucan Casino. Nick got a TKO in round one and Herman got a TKO in seven seconds in the first round.

The crowd was full of Gamebred t-shirts (Herman's MMA clothing line) and loud Undisputed Downtown members and fans as we crushed the competition.

Nick's opponent came out strong and had Nick on the defense from the start. But after a minute or so the momentum shifted and Nick kept throwing punch after punch. The ref stopped the fight after his opponent was getting pummeled to the ground though Nick's sheer force and determination and called a TKO.

Herman's fight was over in a blink of an eye. Herman's opponent leapt for him in the first second. Herman defended himself with a knee to his forehead and the guy fell limp to the ground. Herman landed three quick and practically deadly punches and the ref abruptly stopped the fight as his opponent was noticeably out cold. All of this in a mere seven seconds.

A HUGE thank you to all of you who came out to support our fighters. We dominated the crowd and our fighters clearly felt the energy. We have such a great family at Undisrupted Downtown! Thank you!

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Nick Alexander with the win.

Nick Alexander with the win.

Herman Terrado with the win.

Herman Terrado with the win.

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