Boxing can provide you with one of the best full body and cardio workouts. Period. Our classes consist of bag and pad work, strength training and highly effective cardio workouts. You will learn combinations that include power, speed and counter punching. We emphasize proper technique, head movement and footwork that will have you throwing a solid punch in no time. Whether you are a novice or a pro, our instructors will train you with patience and respect helping you to achieve your workout goals. All levels welcome.

Boxing class requires boxing gloves and hand wraps.

Boxing Coaches: Nestor Flores, Omar Henry and Giovanni Santillian



Muay Thai is a combat sport with eight points of contact. It is commonly referred to as “The Art of Eight” for its combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Our classes consist of high-level striking techniques and various clinches. You will learn these techniques through both pad and bag work, keeping you and a partner involved in active learning. If you are a beginner don’t worry, we will teach you the basic fundamentals that will get you started in the right direction.

Muay Thai requires boxing gloves, hand wraps, hand pads, shin pads and a mouth piece (and cup for the gentlemen). Muay thai is practiced barefoot.

Muay Thai coaches: Herman Terrado, Darwin Yasay and Nick Barnes



Traditional Jiu-Jitsu practiced with the Kimono. Consisting of joint locks, throws, chokes and high-level technique. All levels welcome.

Traditional Gi attire required. Gi jiu-jitsu is practiced barefoot.

Gi Jiu-jitsu coach: Herman Terrado



Submission and grappling with various joint locks, slams and throws. All levels welcome.

Dress in a compression T-shirt and comfortable shorts with no zippers. Nogi jiu-jitsu is practiced barefoot.

Nogi Jiu-jitsu coach: Herman Terrado



MMA Fitness combines all combat sports: boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, wresting and Judo. All sports are a mix of high-level techniques combined with an intense cardiovascular workout. It consists of a combination of bag work and pad work. MMA Fitness is a great high-paced cardio workout. All levels welcome.

Dress in comfortable clothes with no zippers. MMA gloves, hand wraps, shin guards and mouthpiece needed.

Coach: Herman Terrado



Combat Conditioning is a fun high-energy workout in which no two classes are the same. This intense course combines strength training and cardio giving you a full body workout. You’ll gain strength and tone your muscles using your own body weight, free weights, tires, kettle bells, TRX bands, ropes and anything else imaginable. We guarantee you’ll feel the burn and sweat out those toxins during this quick hour workout. All levels welcome.

Combat Conditioning Coach: Kristin Clover



The P.O.W. program is designed specifically for military veterans who are affected by P.T.S.D. Todd Vance, a former Sergeant Squad Leader in the US Army, established the program in 2012. P.O.W. offers not only a place to meet other veterans in a safe and encouraging environment but also a place to create a community of peers to help other vets get adjusted back into civilian life. The program increases physical and emotional health, helps cope with stress and the symptoms of P.T.S.D. and reduces feelings of isolation among veteran warriors. Both male and female veterans of all levels are welcome.

P.O.W. Coach: Veterans Jamie and Ben



Kids MMA is basically a beginners MMA class. The kids learn basic wrestling moves, escapes from different positions, nogi techniques and variations, high percentage attacks and take downs. The first part of class focuses heavily on technique then moves onto open submission and grappling. The coach likes to use a pyramid format in his competition.

The coach encourages the kids compete and would love to develop a competition team for Kids MMA at Undisputed Downtown.

Wear comfortable clothes with no zippers. Mouthpieces are recommended.

Coach: Jake Kappel



The kids boxing class focuses on discipline, building self-esteem and the importance of staying in shape. The class encompasses basic boxing techniques and principles while giving the kids a fun workout. The class is taught with patience and positivity with an emphasis on overall health.

Coach: Omar Henry