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VIDEO: Undisputed Amateur Boxing Team Sparring

Undisputed Downtown Amateur Boxing Team Brief Sparring Video Under Boxing Coach "Memo," this video shows a quick sparring session between two of our amateur boxers. Memo is also our boxing coach Giovani's father, who has been training him since he was a young kid. Coach Omar's boxing class is going on in the background.
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VIDEO: MMA Coach Herman Terrado Demos a Quick Combo

Coach Herman Terrado in MMA Class Awesome Quick Combo This video shows a quick combo during class with MMA Pro and Undisputed Coach Herman Terrado. Herman is great one-on-one in all of his classes. He treats all of his students with the same attention and respect, regardless of their level.
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VIDEO: Nick Barnes Purple Belt Promotion

Nick Barnes' Purple Belt Promotion Gi Jiu-Jitsu Ceremony Day at Undisputed Downtown This video was taken during a Gi Jiu-Jitsu promotion ceremony under our head coach Herman Terrado. It's customary to be taken down by each member when someone is promoted to a higher level (and belt color). This is a short video showing our…
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